When a child laughs, the whole world laughs.

Pediatric outpatient clinic

We offer you consultations of sick children, qualifications for vaccination and tracking growth and development well-child visit. Our midwife will support women in the postnatal period and care for baby in the first few weeks following the birth.

Treatment room with vaccination point

We provide blood draws and other laboratory services including transcutaneous bilirubin measurement, which is a non‐invasive method for measuring serum bilirubin level. At our clinic your child may get scheduled end extra immunizations to prevent illness.

School of Childbirth

Classes at the School of Childbirth provide future parents with the necessary knowledge about childbirth and childcare. The courses are designed to prepare participants mentally and physically for the role of the parent. On request, we conduct individual classes.

Lactation clinic

Moms face many problems and challenges during lactation. During a 60-minute visit, we will help you solve problems or debunk the myths related to breastfeeding. We also offer the possibility of in-home counseling.

“Trust our specialists in pediatric.”

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